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Due to continuing blogging software issues, I haven't been able to post to this blog in a while. I'll need to individually import each blog entry from blogger to a new wordpress blog, which make take a while considering I have a full plate right now. See Meratol Reviews..lol

But all the information on this blog is as timeless as ever. The secrets of abundance & success are timeless and based on Universal laws so anything that worked 1000 years ago will work today. And if it works today it will work tomorrow.

So browse around, read some past entries and apply them to your life. As always, here are guaranteed abundance building programs and courses.

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  • Ultimate Hypnosis Downloads Site?

    Wanted to give you a sneak peak on my next post,
    so be sure to check back later as I'll be adding to this.

    In the meantime, below is a hint about what it will be about.

    I'm still reviewing it so I can't endorse it until then.

    Go ahead and check it out and if you already have experience with this website,
    drop me a note and tell me what you think.

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    How to Be Truly Happy

    Once you realize that your mind is constantly creating every experience in your life,
    you will usually have feelings of complete empowerment and overwhelming fear.


    Because taking complete responsibility for one's life has that affect on people.

    On one hand, you now understand that you can recreate your life anyway you choose to.

    You can have it all.

    On the other hand, you also see that all the negative experiences in your life were created by your mind as well. Some consciously. Most of it, subconsciously.

    Tapping into that 98% of your subconscious mind where all those seeds of negative thinking lie hidden can seem like an impossible task.

    Ridding yourself of all those thoughts and feelings of:
    "I can't,"
    "It's impossible"
    "What's the use?"
    "I'm not good enough"
    "I don't believe in that"
    is most likely the most important use of your time and energy.

    (Even the thoughts that the "task is impossible" is nothing more than subconscious programming that is stopping you from your natural birthright.)

    Because once you do eliminate all these thoughts and feelings,
    life becomes effortless, joyful, meaningful, and unimaginably abundant and peaceful.

    The impossible becomes possible.
    Even more than possible, it becomes the "norm" for you.
    Miracles happen around you and through you
    that bless, enrich, and nurture everything you do and everyone you meet.

    All the doubts, worries, fears, and problems evaporate like morning dew.
    And your life becomes an inspiration to all.

    So what are you waiting on?

    Are those silly subconscious thoughts preventing you from believing this could be your reality?
    I'll bet they are and it's up to you whether you let them win the battle or not.

    When will you take control of your Life and Mind once and for all?
    Aren't you tired of being sick and tired?

    When will stop
    beating yourself up,
    not believing in your infinite power,
    and denying yourself all the love, success, and freedom you deserve?

    Life is such a beautiful thing and you're letting it pass you by...
    Letting those silly negative thoughts run your life...
    Letting some other person's belief system get in the way of your infinite happiness.

    Let me know when you're ready to rich for the stars.
    Let me know when you want to be one of the stars,
    A shining beacon that shines and nourishes everyone you come in contact with.

    Then you will see that all the answers were right there in front of you.
    Right there inside you the whole time
    And it all seems so silly that you could never see them before.

    Be sure to drop me a note when you do.
    I'd love to hear about your journey!

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    Hypnosis the Hair Loss Remedy?

    Yet another study shows the mysterious power of hypnosis.
    (It shouldn't be a mystery for the regular readers of Abundance Secrets.)

    The amazing part is the thorough effectiveness of hypnosis (read: subconscious programming and creative visualization) on the amount of hair growth.

    12 of 21 participants who recieved a minimum of 3 hypnotic session regrew hair on 75% of their scalp.

    9 of the those 12 experienced 100% growth of their hair.

    The hypnotherapy session included visualizing the sun's rays healing their scalp and regenerating hair growth.

    Unexpected benefits included a reduction in phobias and anger, and improved immune system and ability to deal with personal relationships.

    Unfortunately the scientists are "baffled" over how hypnosis directly stimulated hair folicles when traditional treatments did not work.

    To read more of the study

    If you are interested in power of the subconscious mind to improve your health, finances, or relationships, I recommend the Make Money Course for quick and easy results without the need of a hypnotherapist.

    Definitely a lot cheaper and user-friendly than Rogain or finding a good local certified hypnotist.

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    Maintain Focus on Your Goals

    A Horse Named Focus
    Micah Morris

    Many people choose a goal, a plan, and pump themselves up enough to take action ... for a while. But most people find that their focus varies from day to day and circumstance to circumstance. In fact, most people eventually lose their focus altogether and fall right off the horse.

    Remember the last time you fell off the horse? What did you do? If you were able to muster up enough focus you got back on the horse, no big deal. Being on the horse and getting on the horse require focus; thats the point of having the horse!

    So how do you get focus and keep it?

    One way is to remind yourself not only of what your goal is, but why, exactly, you have the goal. Your goal should be written down somewhere youll see it every morning and every night. But dont stop there! Loss of focus isnt likely to happen in the middle of the night or while youre getting ready for work. Keep a "goal card." This is a note card with your goal written on it. Keep it in your pocket and read it throughout the day. Through experience Ive found that my focus was lost during certain circumstances. If my goal was to lose weight, it was difficult to pass on the invitation to have lunch with friends at a restaurant I knew wouldnt serve me anything on my diet. This was an important time to take a "goal break" in the restroom (for privacy) and read my goal card. Why is it that I want to pass on this invitation? Oh right, its because I want to lose weight because I want to look and feel better. And exactly how is that going to feel? This is the time to shut your eyes - remember, youre in a private place, like the restroom - and imagine how youll feel when youve lost that weight ... or whatever your goal may be.

    Side note: I need to clarify something. If youve agreed to do something (i.e., lunch) and then gone on your secret goal break and decided against your agreement, it IS okay to come back out and tell people youve changed your mind. Maybe youre not feeling well or you remembered you have to run to the bank for lunch, etc. Or maybe youre not bashful about your goal and you dont mind telling them point-blank that youre not going because youre on a diet.

    Repeated Exposure

    Your number one tool for maintaining focus is repeated exposure to the feelings you expect to experience when your goal is accomplished. Read your goal morning and night, keep a goal card on you at all times, and dont hesitate to read it at various times throughout the day.

    Experience your goal!

    When you read your goal card, morning, night, and in between, dont just read it - experience it! Think about how its going to feel when you accomplish this goal. Saying, "Its going to feel great when I have a million dollars," just doesnt quite capture the moment of your future accomplishment. Close your eyes and really experience the goal.

    Support from others

    Enlisting the support of other people is a great way to keep you on track and improve your confidence in your ability to accomplish the goal (I call this Goal Confidence). Tell a friend about your goal and ask them to say something to you every day that uses the phrase "... when you achieve [state your goal here]." For example, if you want to have a million dollars, your friend needs to say something to you like, "Its going to be great when you have that million dollars!" Instruct them to be serious about this and not get cute with their phrases. This is a very effective tool for goal accomplishment.

    Support groups are another great resource. If you believe one exists, look for a group of people who want to accomplish the same goal as you. The members of this group should encourage each other as well as help each other come up with new creative ways to accomplish the goal or overcome obstacles to the goal. If youre unable to find a support group for your goal, consider looking for a group at MyGoalGroups.com.

    Mark your calendar!

    Marking your calendar with important dates such as milestones, obstacles, or other goal related events will keep you focused on the big picture. If you have a support group, consider sharing your important dates with the other members.

    Fall off the horse?

    Everyone falls off sometime. Remember: Its just a horse. Climb back on and use those spurs!

    Micah Morris is the founder of MyGoalGroups.com. At one point in his life Micah was homeless and pennyless. He has used goal setting goal planning and imagination to completely rebuild his life. He now wishes to share with others the techniques he used to create his own success. Because of the deeply personal nature of his goal setting experiences Micah is very passionate about the process of achievement.

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    Self Image and Self Esteem

    Did you know there's a guaranteed way to dramatically skyrocket and improve your Self-Image, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem.

    Why is this important?

    Because your self-image, or what you believe you can or can not achieve, affects EVERYTHING else in your life.

    It is the keystone that the rest of your life is built around...
    Every single one of your thoughts and actions, success and failures, is directly determined by your underlying Self-Image and Self-Esteem.

    Before I tell you how to dramatically boost your Self-confidence...

    Self-Esteem Through Sketch Comedy

    Do you remember the Old Saturday Night Live skit with Stuart Smalley(Al Franken)

    He would sit in front of a mirror, with that silly look on his face and say,
    "I'm strong enough, I'm good enough, and gosh darnit, people like me!"

    And we would all laugh because it seemed so silly and ridiculous.

    But Stuart Smalley was actually on to something...

    Self Image Problems?

    Here's the problem.
    Most, if not all, of our core beliefs about:
    • who we are
    • what we can or can not achieve
    • how successful we will ultimately be
    • how rich we will ultimately be
    • whether we have healthy or destructive relationships
    • how happy will ultimately be

    are formed and given to us in the first 7 years of our lives.

    I don't know about you, but I don't remember a great deal of my life before 7.
    A few memories hear and there, but they get foggier with each passing year.

    And yet, this is the crucial time when 90% of our subconscious programming for our life-long self-esteem and self-confidence occurs.
    And once that programming is "set", it's very difficult to uproot UNLESS you know exactly how to do it.

    So what's Stuart Smalley have to do with all this?
    Yep, you guessed it.
    Looking at yourself in the mirror and repeating certain positive affirmations is a sure-fire way to eradicate hidden belief systems that have been causing you to
    • over-eat
    • lack self-confidence
    • limit your income
    • procrastinate
    • be shy
    • be arrogant
    • say the wrong things at the wrong time
    • be unlucky
    • have unloving or destructive relationships
    • etc

    Do you have any of these issues?

    It's ok. We all do to some degree...

    And later today I'm going to show how to dig up the "weeds" that have grown out of control in your subconscious mind (remember 90%-98% of all your thoughts, beliefs, attiitudes, and actions are determined by your subconscious programming) and plant beautiful new fruits and flowers that can grow and prosper!

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